Lilia Torres

Interior Designer



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Hello! My name is Lilia Torres and am part of Fresno State's graduating Interior Design class of 2021.

I first picked up my interest in design when I was part of the MESA program (Mathematic Engineering Science Achievement) in Jr. High. I initially took an interest in engineering with the many projects we took on in competitions, such as building CO2 cars to race or having a semester's worth of research dedicated to creating, designing and handmaking prosthetic arms. From there, I became interested in architecture and was my initial and concrete passion in high school to pursue as a career someday.

However, the colleges I had been accepted to did not have an architecture program, so I decided to major in Interior Design to explore my creative side. Four years later, and I could not have been happier with making that decision. As the saying goes: "when one door closes, another opens".

I am beyond excited to be graduating and completing my degree in something I could not have pictured myself doing back in high school. I look forward to future opportunities that lie ahead of me!

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